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Advantages of Post Express

This post is not only for sending abroad, but it is also used to post goods and products internally. The reasonable cost of this method of sending goods has caused many people to use this method to move their goods. The cost of moving goods in this method, like other methods of moving goods, is determined according to the weight and type of goods, that's why it does not have an exact cost. If you use this method, the security of your goods is guaranteed and they will be sent under the cover of international postal companies. It is better to know that this method is the easiest way to safely send the cargo and the desired product. The good cost and high security of the sent goods have made companies and traders who intend to send samples of their goods and goods to easily send their goods and goods abroad. This type of mail has a lot of demand, that's why the companies that provide this service are more careful when sending goods. Using this post, you can easily send your goods anywhere in the world. Checking the speed of goods transfer in International Express Post As mentioned earlier, in this method of sending goods, it is faster than other methods of sending goods, and the goods reach their destination in less time. It is interesting to know that most of the people who send their goods by international mail is because of this high speed in sending goods. But you should also consider that the shipping time for different products is different and it usually takes three to five working days for the product to reach the buyer. Also, when using international mail services, you can find out at which stage your cargo is on the path of your goods, through the codes provided by the company. The method of packing goods in international mail If you have ever transported the goods in different ways, you know that the important and vital issue regarding the goods is the way of packaging, because the packaging of the goods should be in such a way that it can be moved easily and the goods can be easily removed. protected An interesting discussion in the international mail method is that 0 to 100 packing matters are done by the shipping company itself, who do the best packing according to the type of goods and also consider the safety of the goods. The main advantages of international post express Post Express is one of the fastest ways to send all kinds of goods and documents inside and outside the country. In the following, we will get to know some of the most important advantages of Post Express: 1-Speed in sending goods High speed in sending goods is one of the most important advantages of Post Express compared to other postal services. Postal packages are sent all over the world in a short period of time through Post Express. 2- Tracking the shipment When sending goods by Post Express, you can monitor your package and check the status of the shipment in the moment. 3- Suitable packaging Proper packaging complements the safe and secure delivery of goods to all parts of the world. In Post Express, if necessary and according to the conditions, the goods of the customers are repackaged for greater security.


This is very special post and best experience in exporting for known sender and transparent sender.


IFNEx International Transport is able to import your packages and shipments from all over the world to Iran through different airlines.


Freight cargo is generally referred to as extra cargo of passengers, which is sent to the destination country unaccompanied through airport customs. Dear travelers, they can go to one of our offices a few days before their trip and send their excess baggage at a very low cost and receive it in the destination country.

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IFNEx is ​​an international express mail company with a diverse chain of services that fulfils all business needs in this area, from purchasing and transporting goods to clearance and delivery of parcels with maximum speed and minimum cost. By providing unique services such as clearance and transportation of goods with minimal formalities and benefiting from experienced managers and expert personnel, IFNEx strives to achieve its lofty goals and become the largest and most reliable transportation company in the Middle East. take away This company, with its vast facilities, including offices in China, Dubai, and Turkey, is able to send postal packages to all countries in the shortest possible time.

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